Reiki and Healing

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What is Reiki and Healing?

Natural healing has been practiced around the world for thousands of years.

Over time many disciplines have developed linked with a common belief that everything is energy. When energy flows freely we enjoy good health both physically and mentally, if a blockage develops through stress or trauma the natural flow is inhibited and symptoms appear as illness or dis-ease.

Once the flow is restored the symptoms should be alleviated and good health restored.

Energy can’t be destroyed but it can be transformed or released so healers work to release the energy back into the universe or transform it into something positive and beneficial to each individual.

Reiki has its origins in Japan – Rei means universal life and Ki means energy. Simply, universal life energy. A practitioner can work with hands on or off the body to seek out and heal energy blocks.

Sound Healing can cause tears and laughter in equal measure. It is a deeply relaxing and moving treatment that harnesses the sound and vibrations of the gong, singing bowls and drum to create a meditative state in which the body is safe to release stress and bring both body and mind back into balance.

Regression therapies release energy through journeying back to times of trauma, in this life or the past so that balance is restored in the here and now.

Crystal healing uses the natural vibrations and properties of crystals to aid in healing blockages.

Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes also work with energy to bring about balance and healing in the body through movement and concentration

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anna grant glinko

Anna Grant-Glinka

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vicky warner

Vicky Warner

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vicky warner

Vicky Warner

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