Author: Bindie Edwards

These yoga classes have been formulated specifically for those experiencing some of the symptoms of Long Covid but would be suitable for anyone with similar health needs such as Fibromyalgia, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Classes use gentle, simple and accessible techniques that are suitable for everyone. Movements can be done lying down, sitting or standing with the option to use chairs if you wish.

This is how yoga might help:

  • Gentle movement to nourish the joints, cleanse the body of toxins, and maintain a basic level of muscular strength.
  • Supported and comfortable stretches to ease out sore muscles.
  • Breathing practices to help calm the nervous system and optimise your oxygen intake to nourish your cells.
  • Meditation and mindfulness techniques to focus the mind, maintain a sense of stability and help you tune into your body.
  • Relaxation methods for deep rest.
  • Come and be part of our mutually supportive community and enjoy a hot drink together in the cosy café after class if you wish to stay.

Please be aware Bindie likes to have a confidential chat before you attend the class so she can have a full picture of any treatment you might be receiving and ensure that your individual needs are met.

You can contact Bindie on T. 07798 918852 or email

About Bindie Edwards

Bindie has been practicing yoga for nearly 40 years. It has been such a fundamental part of her life that she felt compelled to train as a teacher in order to share this with others. She studied with Simon Low at The Yoga Academy and is now a member of the teaching faculty on the 200 hr teacher training course. In her classes, her aim is to help students optimise mobility by balancing muscular development with flexibility. She places a strong emphasis on safety and self-awareness so that students can work at their own pace with confidence and learn to access the physical and mental strength that practicing yoga offers. Bindie is constantly studying with internationally renowned teachers, continuing to develop her skills in using Yoga for therapeutic purposes.

Belindie (Bindie) Edwards