Karen Bromley

Dip Hyp Cs Dip Sw PICT Dip. QC Pract
  • Do you feel stuck in your life?
  • Are negative beliefs, habits or fears holding you back?
  • Want to feel confident, happy and in control of your life?

Our present beliefs, habits, mannerisms and thought patterns are the result of past ‘programming’ into our subconscious mind from our parents, family members, teachers and various other sources. Unexpressed emotions, fear and our beliefs can hold us back in life from living the life we want and from feeling happy. At times we do not know why we have certain beliefs or fears and Hypnotherapy can help you to explore the original cause of a problem and to release these for you to positively move forward.

What happens in a session?

In your first session we talk about your issues and goals and we make a plan of how to move you forward. I may use some or all of these; Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Counselling skills or cognitive behavioural therapy skills, neuro linguistic programming and solution focused work.

I may then provide you with your bespoke Hypnosis recording to listen to at home.
I truly love supporting and empowering people to move forward and live the life they want free of any restrictions! I saw a Hypnotherapist for 6 sessions and it dramatically changed my life and it inspired me to train in it!

I typically work with people with straightforward issues in 1 – 3 sessions, for deeper work it can be 6 or more sessions. For driving test nerves and straightforward issues, it may just need 1 session!

Contact me for a free 20 minute phone chat so that I can give you more information related to your issues / goals and ask me any questions and I can advise you on how many sessions I think you will need

What issues can you help with?

Hypnotherapy can be used for many issues. Here are some that I can support you with:

Burn out
Relationship Issues
Weight Loss
Dental phobias / anxieties
Self Esteem
Physical Health issues
Deep relaxation
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Plus many more issues!


“I cannot recommend Karen’s hypnotherapy highly enough-from the beginning I felt really comfortable talking to her, and through our relaxed conversation I found myself discovering things I had until that point been unaware of. Karen was very encouraging and I felt in very safe, capable hands to be myself and she guided me through the process of creating a personalised hypnotherapy recording.

The results have been phenomenal and have taken effect within weeks. I can confidently say that Karen’s sessions has had a profoundly positive impact on my life. Thank you so much!”
I.W Norfolk


From only £60/hour

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Live the life you want free of any restrictions!

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