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About – Debbie Greenslade

Debbie is friendly, practical and innovative health expert who uses a combination of homeopathic, scientific and nutritional therapies to improve and balance health.


  • Over 12 years’ experience
  • Flexible, individual and realistic approach
  • Working with you and other health professionals
  • Customised treatment plan and remedies
  • Family orientated, treatment suitable for babies, pregnancy and all others, regardless of health conditions or medications taken.

Conditions supported

Conditions that often respond well to Homeopathic and Nutritional therapy include:

  • Allergies, hay fever & asthma
  • Anxiety, stress & panic attacks
  • Low self-esteem, confidence issues
  • Depression, trauma related conditions & grief
  • Eczema & other skin problems
  • Rheumatism & arthritis
  • ME, Lyme disease & chronic fatigue
  • Recurring childhood conditions such as tonsillitis, frequent infections, ear infections & bed wetting
  • Hormonal imbalances, menstrual & menopausal problems
  • Infant complaints like colic, reflux & sleep problems
  • Infertility & pre-conceptual care
  • Childbirth support
  • Verruca’s, warts & molluscum
  • IBS, chrohns, digestive imbalances and food intolerances
  • Weight loss, nutritional deficiencies and energy management

Benefits of the homeopathy

Homeopathy is very safe, non-addictive and has no dangerous side effects.
It is a holistic form of medicine which brings long lasting health benefits to the emotional, mental and physical aspects of people’s lives.
Because it is a safe and gentle form of medicine it can be used by anyone – from babies, expectant mothers to the elderly, regardless of other medications prescribed.

Nutritional and Functional Medicine is a biology–based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease/emotional condition. E.g. Inflammation in the body can be the driver for many symptoms ranging from IBS, arthritis, depression, fibromyalgia. By understanding what is taking place we can help to address the issues and restore health.

How it works

Homeopathy is a complementary medicine that is based upon the principle of treating ‘like with like’. Homeopathic remedies are made from natural materials, often plants or minerals. Each remedy stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanism to reduce and eliminate disease until permanent cure is reached. It is a holistic form of medicine that treats the whole person, physically and emotionally, rather than just individual symptoms.

What happens in a session

Initial Consultation:
Before your appointment you will be required to complete a questionnaire and you may be asked to seek medical advice to investigate any underlying disease or retrieve blood test results if relevant.

At the first consultation, I will discuss your health concerns with you, take a detailed medical history, review your lifestyle issue. Anything discussed within the consultation is totally confidential.

At the end of the consultation you will be given:

  • Explanations of factors that may be contributing to your symptoms
  • Recommendations of relevant changes tailored to your needs
  • Homeopathic remedies will be individual to your requirements and any supplements recommended will be tailored to your specific needs.

Length of session/availability

Your first consultation will take approx 75 minutes during which time a full medical history is taken. As well as asking about your symptoms, it is important for us to understand how you feel emotionally and the unique way in which your condition affects you.

Questions about lifestyle, eating habits, sleep patterns and state of mind all help to form a unique picture of you in order to prescribe a suitable remedy.
Diet and nutritional advice is offered within the consultation with an individual, tailored approach with the aim of boosting your health as quickly as possible.

Follow-up consultations take 45-60 minutes and are used to measure progress and move the healing process forward.
The complexity of your condition will determine the length and course of treatment.

On average, most appointments take place every 3-5 weeks, with a goal to restore your health to a level that no longer requires treatment, complementary or otherwise.


Fee 15-minute telephone or face to face consultation to find out how treatment could benefit you.

1st consultation  – Adult £65, Child (under 18) £55
Follow up consultations – Adult £50, Child (under 18) £45
Telephone consultation – Adult £50, Child (under 18) £45

Pre-conception/infertility treatments 
1st consultation – Couple £110, Single£65
Follow up consultations – Couple £75, Single £50

Pregnancy/childbirth support – POA

Prices include all homeopathic prescriptions
Cancellations – Please give 48 hour’s notice or a fee will be charged
Payment by card, cheque or cash at the end of each consultation

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