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Cathy Brooks – Cranial Sacral Therapy

Cranio-sacral therapy is an offshoot of traditional osteopathic medicine, based on the findings that were highlighted by osteopaths over one hundred years ago. These findings show that when healthy, all tissues express a subtle rhythmical motion palpable to the hands of a trained therapist.

In treatment, the skilful touch of a trained practitioner helps to identify any areas of stress or strain and encourages a restoration of subtle motion resulting in a return to health. Treatment may involve a step by step process in which layers of stress or trauma are resolved, allowing more of the natural health of the body to shine through.

Cranio-sacral therapy is so gentle that it is safe and suitable for people of all ages—from babies to the elderly—and can be used to treat fragile and acutely painful conditions. It is often appropriate when other therapies may be unsafe. It can be used throughout pregnancy and can help post-surgical complications.

Who can it help?

As a whole body therapy, Cranio-sacral therapy can help people with almost any condition, by raising vitality and enabling the body’s own self-healing process to be utilised. You don’t have to be ill or have any particular symptoms to benefit.

The alleviation of life’s stresses and the increased sense of vitality and well-being that Cranio-sacral therapy can bring are welcome to most of us at any time

The benefits

The gentle approaches used assist the body’s own potential to heal and release restrictions and stresses stored there. The number of treatments needed will vary

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