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How to book

For further details or to book, you can contact your chosen therapist directly, using the contact details shown 

What is Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Mental health has become increasingly more important in recent times. The busy stressful world we live in has left us rushing through life without the time to stop and process what is happening along the way. Sometimes all we need is a supportive ear and someone to listen.

There are many ways to reach out and take some time to invest in your own wellbeing. Ideally everyone would eat healthily, exercise frequently, spend time in meditation and express their emotions clearly and easily; however, very few of us manage to achieve one, let alone all of those options.

Sometimes you need to find one thing you can do to start making a difference.

If you don’t know where to start, start here.

What are the benefits?

Our team of counsellors and psychotherapists are here to listen, support and help you become who you want to be. Each works in his or her own way and it is worth speaking to a few of them to find out who you feel most comfortable with. They can help you work through:

Addiction, Self Harm and Eating Disorders

Anxiety, Depression and Trauma

Bereavement and Loss

Health related Issues

Identity, Spirituality and Cultural Beliefs

Relationships, Families and Children

Stress and Work

Choose a Therapist

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Dr Sarah Beadle

Read more about Sarah

sally anne doyle-caddick

Sally-Anne Doyle Caddick

Read more about Sally-Anne

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Renate Ruddock

Read more about Renate


Patrick Yardy

Read more about Patrick


Dr Caroline Bunting

Read more about Caroline

emma dunsford

Emma Dunsford

Read more about Emma

Emily Wheeldon tile

Emily Wheeldon

Read more about Emily

Janet Bunting

Janet Bunting

Read more about Janet

Claire Mackintosh

Claire Mackintosh

Read more about Claire

Zoe wilson

Zoe Wilson

Read more about Zoe

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