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Biodynamic Massage            

Lindsey Nicholas

The key difference between biodynamic massage and other massage therapies is, I think, attunement. Biodynamic massage is very much contact-led and therapists, although they have a number of techniques at the ready, will aim to meet you through touch, to contact the person, not just the body. In a sense it could be experienced as a half-way house between psychotherapy and massage, although in the same way as other therapies biodynamic massage also aims to release repressed energy and feeling in an intuitive and non-verbal way.

As well as responding to particular physical symptoms, biodynamic massage can help people feel more like themselves, to deepen and enliven the sense of self we make contact with within our own bodies. So much of the time we lose our sense of embodiment – just how it feels to really be in contact with our legs, for example, and when we do we really do feel ‘reached’ in these places through therapeutic touch, we are surprised how fundamentally differently we come to ‘know’ ourselves.

Specific conditions

Biodynamic massage is very responsive if you feel there might be an emotional component or trigger to your condition: Menstrual, menopausal symptoms respond well. Muscular problems, digestive problems, migraines, auto-immune conditions, post-operative recovery, cancer, end-of-life all require a personalised and attuned response. Psychologically-based conditions such as anxiety and depression, grief, insomnia and constant tiredness, are, also natural territory for biodynamic treatment.

Of course you don’t have to be ill to benefit from biodynamic massage! Needing a boost, a return to energy and health, are excellent reasons for coming for a massage.

How it works

Biodynamic massage works with the autonomic nervous symptom – the primary responses which developed before we had language and full muscular control, when we were very young. Breathing and heart rate, posture and movement all developed fixed patterns at this stage of development, and because the development was so early, these autonomic responses are very difficult to change. Through massage, however, a client can start to ‘feel’ how to do things differently: to slow down, to pause and to allow the body to recharge at its own pace – rather than overriding these natural mechanisms through stress-induced adaptations.

In biodynamic massage we often use a stethoscope, placed on the client’s abdomen, in order to tune into the autonomic nervous system through the sounds of the peristaltic movements in the gut.


Many clients report a release of tension, worry or blocked feelings as a result of a session, or a series of massage sessions. Relief from chronic physical symptoms such as headaches, pain and stiffness can be another outcome. Over the longer term, we hope you may become more balanced emotionally, discover a greater ability to ‘go with the flow’, have more capacity to value and trust your own body as well as an  increased energy and zest for life.

What happens in a session?

Our first session will include asking you a little about your personal medical history and current life patterns. This information between therapist and client will remain strictly confidential.

Massage is usually skin-to-skin but many clients prefer to be either fully or partially clothed. This is fine. Comfort is most important and privacy is ensured throughout the session.

Biodynamic massage is a contact-led form of therapy. As therapist and client, we work together in a relationship of trust to explore the body’s natural movement towards health and wholeness. We encourage conversation (though it is not compulsory!) since this form of massage addresses both the body and the mind. Although many people feel benefit after one session, a sustained change is only possible with regular sessions over a period of months.

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Length of Session

60 minutes

Days/Times available

Please contact Lindsey for details


I currently charge £45 per session.

Contact Details

I am very happy to talk to you on the phone before booking. Please call me on 07890 798081 or 01787 212260 .  My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
My website is www.intouchmassage.live

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