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Electro-Magnetic Stimulation (EMS)

Mark Grubb

Electro-Magnetic Stimulation (EMS) is a state of the art, non invasive, totally drug free treatment for both physical and psychological conditions including back pain, arthritis, MS, sports injuries, migraine, and long term chronic pain relief.

The therapeutic properties of magnets have been known for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt magnets were used to boost the body’s resistance to harmful factors in order to prolong life. In the last 30 years there has been the most dynamic development in the use of low frequency magnetic fields (LFMF) for medical purposes.

EMS is established in mainstream health care in many European countries including Poland, Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland.

How does it work?
We absorb energy directly from the earth’s magnetic fields and from inhaling oxygen which takes on the magnetic field that influences it. Magnetostimulation produces similar electromagnetic energy that can be used by the body to stimulate many natural biological processes and promote the following effect:

1.    Long term analgesic effect to reduce pain
2.    Accelerated healing of wounds, even complicated fractures
3.    Remineralisation of bones, extremely important in healing and osteoporosis
4.    Increased fluid movement to remove swellings
5.    Joints will improve with extra synovial fluid to allow easier mobility
6.    Better digestion will improve general condition
7.    More efficient absorption of oxygen and nutrients, and removal of waste and toxins
8.    More antibodies to fight infection and support the immune system
9.    Better nerve stimulation due to increased rate of circulation and absorption of the neurotransmitters
10.    Direct effects on the function of the brain are better concentration, relaxation and motor sensory activity coordination.

The Treatment
Following the initial consultation the therapy is divided into two parts. The first part treats the whole body as the client relaxes fully clothed on an electro-magnetic bed for a period of 12 minutes. This is a pain free non invasive procedure in which some clients may feel an initial tingling sensation or experience slight warmth in the affected area. Many have a feeling of drowsiness, due to the relaxant effect. In the second part, magnetostimulation is applied to a localized area using a specific applicator, thus intensifying the treatment. It can also be paired with light energy to enhance the treatment. Infra red light is used for deep seated pain, such as sciatica, while red light is useful for skin disorders.

When will I notice an effect?
Magnetostimulation, like other forms of physical therapy, does not usually bring immediate effects, except in conditions of severe pain as with migraine or tooth ache. The effect depends on the nature of the illness, its length and coexisting conditions. An average of four treatments is required before significant improvement is noticed, although some patients have experienced an immediate easing of symptoms. The full course of therapy averages sixteen treatments, after which the client will usually require a “top up” on a three to six monthly basis.

For further information/an appointment contact Mark Grubb on 07770 668090
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Web: www.medandmind.co.uk

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