It's all very well us waxing lyrical about how fantastic the self centre is and what wonderful staff, teachers and therapists we have and what fantastic service you receive....HOWEVER you would I am sure love to hear some "real life stories" and "recommendations" from our lovely clients/customers/friends, SO here is a selection for you to read :

"I just wanted to drop a line to you and your team to say how much I have enjoyed my classes at the Self-Centre since I started in January this year.I came with the intention of working towards de-stressing my life and also to deal with my lower-back pain that I have suffered with for as long as I remember. I thought I had pretty good core-strength until I attended Emma Jane's beginners' Pilates classes, but soon realised I had unused muscles in my stomach and back!  Having now attended 6 classes, my back pain and stiffness have greatly reduced and I always look forward to attending her well structured, friendly lessons on a Thursday evening.As for the beginners' meditation; I have been amazed at just how effective for de-stressing it has been. Richard manages to provide a relaxed, group atmosphere and guides the class in a peaceful but informative style and during my first class I discovered I could 'switch-off' the outside world and really feel at peace within myself.  During the periods of meditation in the class I have also been delighted to find that the tinnitus, which I have suffered with for over 6 years now, is also switched off - which was a surprise and is absolutely wonderful!  Hopefully with practice I will be able to achieve this by myself in the future, but in the meantime that hour of respite from the continuous tone in my head never comes soon enough each week. After 6-weeks of attending classes at the Self Centre I am looking forward to future sessions and hopefully trying some new classes as well.  Thank you." Steve Paul 

"I can't believe how much less stressed I am since I've been doing yoga, I'm a different person!" Emily

"Do you know that since I started Pilates my back just doesn't bother me anymore, being a tree surgeon I never thought I'd be able to get rid of the pain!" Duncan Bailey 

"Ahhh the soups! - prepared with TLC. The Chocolate Brownie experience - unlike any other! A great place to take my body. Thank you for providing a great meeting and social venue." Katrina Patrick

"Lovely cafe, beautiful food, lovely presentation, great selection and produce...and really charming, helpful staff!" N Morrow 

"I love the self centre, it makes me happy, I want to go there for ever everyday! xxx" Anna Horrigan

"Had never been here before - absolutely LOVED it!! Food was Fab and I loved the ambience you have created in here. Good luck with it" C Quinn (Bury St Edmunds)

“I came to my first visit yesterday and tried the hot yoga session, and what a hidden gem this find is! I absolutely loved the class; I had been looking for a yoga class to help me get over the common winter blues and cannot believe how wonderful I felt after this session, even walking through the door at the self centre felt like walking into a hidden sanctuary! Thanks so much! I can’t wait to come back!” Hayley

“Eric that was lovely, my feet feel like they belong to me again, they are glowing” BR 

“Erica can I take you home with me?” LM

“Thank you Erica I feel a lot calmer within myself” LP 

“Thank you Jackie for your help this year, this time last year I didn't know if I was coming or going, now I feel like I have direction and I can make decisions sensibly because I know to deal with most things and when I don't I make sure I don't worry and let the answer come to me”.  RR

“I felt at ease with Jackie, so for me, my sessions felt a lot like talking with a level-headed friend. During the sessions we explored ideas and techniques, which made sense and helped me work through specific issues, yet could be applied to other areas of my life. My coping abilities have dramatically improved, my self-confidence is building and I now find myself regularly challenging negative thoughts. The positive effects that result from what I’ve learned about myself are on-going. ” L 

“When I first saw Paul, I had a painful knee that was compromising running, and a back that had been stiff and achy for years.  Now my back is enormously better, and I have just completed my first half marathon.  I have been consistently impressed with Paul's knowledge, professionalism and good humour.  Sports massage is not simply a relaxing bit of pampering; it is a real treatment, which produces real results.  I am very glad I picked up the phone.” Emily

"I have had several deep tissue massage sessions with Paul and he has helped me greatly. I have always felt comfortable, cared for and in good hands on his table. Paul is a professional, respectful, and attentive practitioner and i would definitely recommend him." Paola 

“I am a professional conductor and Music Director, who suffers with the same sort of muscular stiffness & soreness like any athlete or sportsman, and have been benefiting enormously from sports massages over several years, on a 'must have', regular basis.  I must have worn out so many sports massage therapists over the years, whose skill and professionalism has always enabled me to continue my work - and I have always sought help from those trained at the London School of Sports Massage. Paul is however, one of the best of about a dozen I have had - and all trained there. He is professional, yet friendly, and understands all my muscular problems - and sorts them, quickly, and effectively. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wants a brilliant sports massage!” Ian

 “You may be interested to hear my hip/knee/back, have been brilliant since my session with you. The next day I saw vast improvement, my knee has stopped burning and I hesitate to say I am virtually (compared with how I was before I saw you) pain free. At the moment, just a small soreness/stiffness in the front of my hip joint, but nothing to complain about at all. Within 24hrs I could walk normally again, using my hips, which I haven't done for years, even my husband noticed I was walking differently, he'd got so used to me limping. You have no idea how much better I feel, particularly mentally. Well, done, you are a star and have improved my quality of life considerably. Many thanks” Paula. 

"I visited Paul recently in connection with my torn calf muscle and found him to be really knowledgeable, positive and understanding. My 3 massage treatment sessions helped to loosen the fibres in the soft tissues of my calf and hamstring. I certainly felt the benefit of his massage techniques in which he was able to pin-point particular problem areas with great expertise and therefore helped to reduce the stiffness. Paul was able to suggest specific exercises; he was most encouraging and gave sound advice on improving my mobility. I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending Paul for the treatment of sports injuries and for remedial therapy." Stuart

“Jacqui’s yoga classes are ideal for me with the perfect balance between flow and power, one for the boys you might say…It’s a great way to spend an evening and you get the best night’s sleep ever!” Jon B 

“Jacqui's classes are beautifully structured in a very clear and logical way, so the journey each class takes you on makes sense! Her verbal instructions are very clear and the way she adjusts you in each position helps in guiding you deeper into what you are doing, without forcing you somewhere uncomfortable. Magic hands, very reassuring. I love the way I feel after her classes - wonderfully relaxed and calm, and also like I have worked really hard. And the music she uses is good too.” Anna K

"Yvonne has been a tower of strength at a time when I felt I had reached rock bottom. I can't believe the changes in my attitude, my self-esteem, my feelings of guilt and my negativity since my counselling sessions. When I first visited Yvonne I could not see a light at the end of my tunnel and I felt completely worthless. However there has been a complete change in the way I view myself and the world around me. I am incredibly happy, positive and confident. My life has changed dramatically and its all thanks to the support and caring I received from Yvonne. Thank you so much for seeing something in me that I had lost for many years. I would wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone going through a difficult time or suffering with self-esteem issues no matter how large or small. You have changed my life and I am eternally grateful. X" Anne W 

“Yvonne's warm and caring approach made me look forward to each session as though I was going to visit a very special friend who I could trust completely and know was helping me.  Yvonne's work was so good, that I was able to complete my course of six sessions, with a new outlook on my problem, and I take away with me a much more confident and positive person.  I would not hesitate to go to Yvonne with any other life problems that may cause me distress because I know she is completely trustworthy. I wholeheartedly recommend Yvonne to anyone who is trying to take the brave step to confront their issues.  Thank you Yvonne.” S

“Yvonne's caring nature, confidence and belief in me made me trust her. Despite some resistance from me during the therapy, she gave me the strength to carry on. I have experienced 35 years of complications and various interventions have not produced the same help and support as that which I have received from Yvonne over a few months. She is friendly, caring, positive and supportive and has in turn helped me to become positive and confident and I feel in control of my own life. I can highly recommend Yvonne to you.” J.T 

“I first came to Yvonne with weight issues and with her guidance and a very simple yet structured eating plan,  I began to lose weight immediately. From the very beginning I have felt Yvonne genuinely wanted to help me. With regular sessions and new healthy eating habits, I lost 3 stones after 3months. Throughout this time, I felt safe enough in the sessions to explore my emotional issues around food and life. I now feel equipped with new coping skills and it has also allowed me to forge more healthy relationships with friends and family. Although life will always present additional problems, my weight has stabilized and I feel more content.” JH

(if you have a testimonial for us - please email gemma@the-self-centre.co.uk)

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