pre-conception, pregnancy & post-natal care

There is plenty of scientific evidence that supports the use of complementary therapies in pre-conception, pregnancy & post-natal care. The Foresight Programme, Homeopathy, Nutrition and Reflexology can all assist in pre-conception and fertility issues. The niggles in pregnancy can be easily treated with Homeopathy, Nutrition, Reflexology, Massage and Osteopathy. Post natal issues can be supported with all of the therapies listed below.

For specific help and advice please contact the therapists or teachers direct via their webpage.

Foresight Pre-conception & Infertility Program

Evidence from many eminent researchers shows that infertility, miscarriage, premature birth and learning problems are often preventable by:

  • Improving nutrition
  • Treating allergies, candida & digestive malabsorption
  • Avoidance of poisons, smoking, alcohol & drugs

The Foresight Program is in essence a non-invasive, caring, nutrional and homeopathic approach that has a 90% success rate of delivering healthy babies to previously infertile couples.

Debbie Greenslade RSHom is a professional Homeopath who has also qualified as a Foresight Practitioner  "Infertility & miscarriage can be the most devastating process to live through, often very isolating. Helping couples recover & overcome the reasons behind their losses is the highlight of my work, especially seeing the delight and relief on their face's when they have a healthy baby. I feel privileged to be able to help, guide & empower them to reach that goal"

Please call Debbie on: 07979 810744


or click here for more information


  • Massage therapy and bodywork can be extremely valuable in pregnancy as your body goes through immense changes.
  • Massage induces a sense of calm leading to greater emotional stability in the mother and subsequently in the baby.
  • The impact continues long after the birth and the baby recognises that massage = calm!
  • The aches and pains of pregnancy can be greatly reduced or even eliminated. Common discomforts including fluid retention, varicose veins, nausea and shortness of breath can be relieved.
  • Massage can also contribute to a shorter less painful labour by programming the body memory with the soothing stimulus of touch.

Please see Massage - Aromatherapy page and contact Vicky Barbour-Andrews for Massage for Pregnancy


  • has very positive clinically proven results for turning Breech babies and is very successfully used in induction
  • also great for relieving morning sickness

Please see Acupuncture page and contact Mark Taylor

Cranial Osteopathy

  • is fantastic for babies with colic, feeding and sleep issues due to a complicated and drawn out journey down the birth canal
  • Also Highly recommended for Pelvic Pain or SPD

Please see Cranial Osteopathy page and contact Cathy


  • works subtly and efectively for many common issues in pregnancy and Debbie has a fantastic Homeopathic Birth and Baby Kit with remedies for all aspecs of labour and delivery and the treatment of you and your baby post-natally - Debbie also offers nutritional advice and support for pre-conception, pregnancy and post - natal support.

Please see Homeopathy page to contact Debbie


  • also has good results in turning Breech babies and induction as well as inducing a sense of calm in the mother to be
  • Charmaine specialises in pregnancy, maternity and postnatal reflexology and treats many of the common conditions associated with pregnancy and postnatal care
  • she also majors on pre-conception treatments to encourage a pregnancy to happen in the first place!

Please see Reflexology page to contact Charmaine

We also offer the following classes  - please see relevant class page and contact the individual teachers direct with any questions you may have

  • Baby Yoga
  • Hypnobirthing
  • Daisy Pregnancy and Birthing Classes
  • Baby Massage
  • NCT

Preconception care.

For issues with conceiving there are various therapies that can be recommended: Acupuncture, Nutrition and Homeopathy have been shown to have good results. Reflexology - Charmaine specialises in this area - visit her page for more details

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