Open to all... Sukhasana

Sukhasana means “easy pose” in Sanskrit, the yoga pose of sitting cross legged comfortably…. to feel at “ease” in your body, mind and soul?  A lovely relaxing hidden place to meet friends, lunch with colleagues or grab a bite to eat on the go.

We offer a range of rolls, wraps, homemade soup and cakes; delicious smoothies, teas and coffee and other tasty treats!  Gluten free and dairy free options available. Superfood snacks, Soups, Smoothies & more... Gluten & Dairy Free available

Note – we are always happy to serve ••• portions for children or special requests wherever possible

You are welcome to eat here or take away.  You could even call us in the morning to pre-order! 01284 769090.


Today's Menu

Rolls and Wraps £5.45

(served with: garnish and side dish of tortilla chips) 

Gluten/Dairy free available

Cheese & Tomato Chutney

Tuna Mayo

Falafel, Houmous and Salad with a Sweet Onion Relish

Tuna Crunch -  (Tuna Mayo, Sweetcorn, Red Onion, Red Pepper and Celery)

Cream Cheese, Pesto and Rocket

Hot Roasted Vegetables and Cheese

 Salad Bowl £6.45

A selection of leaves with any of the above fillings.

Or Cous Cous Salad with Roast Veg and Feta

Soup of the Day £5.45

(with a wholemeal seeded or gluten free roll) 

Cakes & Goodies

Large slice  £2.95  Small slice £2.25

Brownies - Small £1.50, Large £2.95

Flapjacks £1.95


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